Business and Taxation

We will reevaluate income and corporate tax levels to make taxes more surmountable for all Canadians, and raise the minimum income tax threshold to roughly $20,000 per year to reduce the burden on Canada’s lowest earners. We will simplify the tax code to roughly 100 lines.

We will look into tax cuts and tax incentives for goods manufactured in Canada, to make it easier for companies to keep more permanent full time jobs in Canada. This could include a 2% HST reduction at the point of purchase. In addition, we will punish Canadian companies that leave Canada expecting to still be able to sell into Canada with harsher tariffs.

We will begin an economic initiative where Canadian startup businesses will pay no corporate tax for the first five years in order to help Canadian entrepreneurs get off the ground and provide new areas for Canadian economic growth and needed permanent full-time job growth.

We will impose harsher duties on foreign imports from countries with known human rights violations and we will seek to investigate, with the assistance of the United Nations, nations with questionable workers human rights policies, such as China and Mexico, who make up major portions of Canada’s import sector.

We will repeal the Employment Equity Act. It is in the best interest of the economy to allow employers to hire primarily on the grounds of merit and qualifications, and the government should not inhibit that.

We will make it easier for business newcomers to break into strong markets such as telecom to encourage competition in such areas. Newcomers to such markets will receive better interest rates on loans, as well as other forms of government support.