Social Programs

We will consolidate all of Canada’s existing social assistance programs into the CSAP, Canadian Social Assistance Program. The system will give monthly installments to Canadians with varying amounts based on age, income, number of dependents, whether or not they are attending post-secondary education, and other factors. The purpose of the system is to simplify social assistance in Canada, and reduce abuse of the existing welfare system. Only Canadian citizens will qualify for CSAP.

We will create the YNEI, the Youth National Employment Initiative, which will be an optional program to help youth gain one year of salary and work experience if they are having trouble entering the workforce after finishing secondary or tertiary education. Individuals will be able to work within their area of study or interest, whether it be in labour, military, science, environmentalism, engineering, law, etcetera. Only Canadian citizens will qualify for the YNEI.

The mode in which the YNEI functions will differ between fields. For example, those with a science focus will be given one year’s work in a federal laboratory or research centre. Someone with an engineering interest will be given work helping design government infrastructure undertakings. Someone with an interest in military will receive military training and possibly be assigned to a low danger mission, such as patrolling the Arctic.

Establish programs to more strongly bridge the gap between Canada and its recent immigrants and other newcomers.

We will provide manual labour jobs for the homeless. In an effort to help integrate the homeless back into working life, we will provide them with housing and food in return for portions of their paycheques until they feel responsible enough to stand on their own two feet.