Science and Technology

We will cooperate with the provinces and territories to publicly promote the sciences as to generate more interest in them and secure finances for new nationally driven projects and initiatives in order to further develop Canada’s science, technology and R&D fields as so to better compete with international competitors such as the United States, Japan, and Germany in the field of technological, scientific, and medicinal innovation and in the further development of our nation.

We will ensure that important research institutions are receiving the funding they need and further pursue investment in areas of research that could make Canada scientifically competitive with leading countries.

We will hold bigger and greater numbers of public fundraisers for science and technology research and development to get the public more closely involved with the process, and to generate more funding for Canadian scientific endeavours.

We will enforce heavy punishment for the destruction, obfuscation, or alteration of public research under current criminal law and civil law pertaining to property rights and copyright law.

We will ensure that the Canadian Space Agency is accomplishing as much as they can with what funding they have, and we will privately contract where possible to get Canada’s influence into outer space at a lower cost.