Government Reform

First and foremost, we want to improve the quality of our democracy. This is a broad statement which encompasses voter reform, holding politicians accountable, enforcing heavier crimes for corruption and abuse, and increasing government transparency.

We will immediately begin creating a list of alternative voting and electoral systems, and open the list up to debate as soon as possible. We will seek a mandate by the people via referendum to implement whatever system is decided upon.

We will make federal information such as budget expenditures more accessible to the people.

We will eliminate most forms of information gathering to strengthen Canadian privacy, and dismiss any international deals that threaten the privacy of Canadians without legitimate reason. We will clamp down on foreign surveillance of Canadians.

We will review the system of government services and intricacies and work towards making them more approachable to the average Canadian where possible.

We will seek to resolve as many Indigenous land claim disputes as possible, and as quickly as possible.

We will hold more referenda where appropriate as a way of making democracy more direct.

We will hold more public events with the intention of encouraging debate and critical thinking in Canada.

We will impose heavier auditing for government officials and provide harsher punishments for corruption, and abuse of deductions and write offs.

We will lower MP salaries and restrict the benefits and bonuses of the position.