Provincial affairs

The Party believes that the provinces overall need more choice and freedom in their decision making, as well as more responsibility.

We will optimise equalisation payments to provinces to ensure that all provinces are using their payments fairly and responsibly.

While maintaining education at a provincial level, we will deliberate with provinces on education reform when necessary, specifically in areas where Canada as a whole is falling behind.

While maintaining that liquor, tobacco, and gambling laws remain under the jurisdiction of the provinces, we will ensure that such laws remain within the realm of what is acceptable within Canada at large.

We will work towards territorial self sufficiency, helping the territories develop infrastructure to make them less dependent on the rest of Canada, with the end goal of seeking to give Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut provincial status.

We will encourage more trade and relations between provinces, which is currently stunted and bogged down by a ton of odd and / or outdated policies province-side.