January 1, 2018

Looking forward to 2018

Merry Christmas and happy New Year's Eve and Day to all of our followers and supporters! We are very sorry to have not made any posts since early November... we have all been very busy! Expect more activity as we enter 2018, and as we draw closer to that much-needed 2019 federal election, draw from the Christmas season and remember what is most important: family, but that also includes country, and our youth as a whole. Canada has many problems but we believe that focusing on the idea of "family" can bring us one step close to the kind of country we are sure all Canadians can be proud of.

God Bless, and keep posted for more from us as we enter a new year!

- Zach Kingston, Deputy Leader

June 28, 2017

Rising Above Globalization

As we slowly approach a landmark 150th birthday for Canada a lot of things have changed since Confederation was drafted, the provinces were united and Sir John A. Macdonald became the first Prime Minister of Canada. Despite having a population of just over 35 million people our GDP is one of the largest in the entire world and the developments made by our founding fathers and Canadians past since the 1800s and before has been astonishing to say the least. A land that was considered to be too hostile even to the great Viking warriors was made into a shining example for Western development, We have gone from pioneer towns to grand cities boasting complex industry and technology in a short 2 centuries even when most of our country is relatively uninhabitable. Our generations past and present have made great achievements for the betterment of this country but now we must take a look back and see how these past 50 years have gone since our inaugural centennial in 1967.

Over the past 50 years Canada has become vastly influenced by globalization and institutions that have changed much about how we as Canadians identify ourselves on the world stage. While a lot of our identity is still on the mind, most notably our love for hockey, maple syrup and harmonious society, there are many troubling things that Canadians in the present day, especially younger Canadians, don't seem to be accustomed to. Many younger people think of us as no different than the United States despite our country's history being very different in its development than the U.S. even if our settlers did primarily come from Europe. But most worryingly younger people don't seem to notice a Canadian identity or a Canadian culture underlying our society. This became more apparently troublesome when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said back in 2016 that Canada has become a "post-national state with no core identity." Now it seems that the ideals of institutions such as the United Nations want to install their beliefs as our culture and many prominent politicians, including senators, have shown instances of spreading these agendas such as during the approval of Bill C-6 when a Conservative senator showed his decision making to be influenced by a UN think tank promoting hyper-globalization and policy bordering close to open borders. The nightmare envisioned by George Grant back in 1965 has started to expand beyond just an Americanization of Canadian society and now encompasses a rampant hyper-globalization that seeks to extinguish the remaining cultural pride that Canadians still have within themselves.

This replacement of our culture and history is exactly why we as Canadians need to take this 150th anniversary of Confederation to tell our leaders and ourselves that Canadians do have a culture, that we do have a history and that we are proud of it. We shall not let the centuries of advancement and Canadian culture be thrown away for corrupt politicians to install their pipe dreams of globalization onto the backs of Canadians who are increasingly burdened every year while the pipers on Parliament Hill continue to sing a swan song written by foreign institutions that do not truly want a better livelihood for Canadians but simply a more enjoyable life for themselves and their financial suitors. The only way to change Canada for the better and to give Canadians, and our culture, true representation in the 21st century and beyond is to work to eventually become elected government and to make the policy changes needed to bring back the degree of financial and social security that Canadians haven't had for many years. Before we hit the bicentennial lets all work hard in order to better ourselves as proud Canadians and to meet challenges head on and not let questions go unanswered and promises go unfulfilled. It is our duty as a responsible nation, and the government's duty as a responsible government to work for the interest of Canadians and solely Canadians and we will fight to make sure that they do just that for the continuation and prosperity of the Canadian people.

- Michael O'Leary, Chief Agent

May 3, 2017

Letting Our Standards Slide

According to the Human Development Index, one of the most trusted scales of the living standards of a country, Canada used to be the most livable country in the world for 8 years. We were the greatest nation on the face of the Earth in which to live, and we were the envy of the world. Not anymore, sadly. Our nation has since declined on that scale a whole nine places to #10. And we as Canadians feel the effects of this at home. We've seen a rise in poverty, we've seen less income, a rise in deficit. And the government reacts with complacency, with apathy. Any patriotic Canadian should be absolutely humiliated at just how much we've let our standards slide, humiliated at how much we've declined in the past couple of decades.

Any true Canadian will find this unacceptable. We are a strong people, we are an intelligent people, and we are an ambitious people and we are capable of nothing short of the best. There is no reason why we should not be the greatest nation on the face of the planet except for complacency in our government. We will not, for much longer, stand idly by, watching our prosperity shrivel up around us as our leaders enjoy luxuries at our expense, with not a care for our nation.

Canadians: we must fight for our nation, else it will only decline and stagnate farther. We cannot keep voting for the same parties that are responsible for our growing problems and shrinking accomplishments. We most certainly cannot continue to vote for a party that with a single phrase undermined Canada's very existence as a nation-state: "Canada is the first post-national state". What a betrayal of our nation, of its ancestors, of its people, and of its future descendents. The damage of such a quote may not have visible economic or diplomatic repercussions, but that one sentence destroyed the very integrity of our nation by saying that we are not a nation at all.

Is this really who we are as a people? Are we okay with not only being neglected by our government, but having our very existence as a people undermined by our own Prime Minister? It makes my blood boil that we, as a proud people, are not only being fought by our enemies (as one would expect) but we are also being fought by our own leadership.

No, fellow Canadians, we are better than this. We have every reason to be proud of our country, of what we have accomplished, and of who we are as a people, and we must, and we shall stand up for ourselves, our identity, and our nation.

- Adam Roulston, Deputy Leader

March 19, 2017

Continuing to expand

Hello National Party supporters and all those interested in our party. This is the Party deputy leader, Zach Kingston, and I just wanted to post an update on what we have been and are going to be up to. Next update will hopefully be written by another staff member, to give a different perspective on what has been going on for April.

We have been in touch with various potential National Party supporters but also with other groups, not all of them political parties, but some special interest groups and even a group of volunteer individuals. Note that special interest groups does not mean “lobbyists”. We completely reject these types of individuals, those paid by huge corporations to influence our government through corruption, and will never work with them to achieve any of their business goals. The government should work first and foremost for the average citizen, not to help increase the bottom line for magnates. That being said, there is nothing wrong with not-for-profits rallying for those issues that are important to Canadians. It just needs to be clear that these issues do not begin and end in the wallet of some business elite. We of course believe wholeheartedly in the right to go into business and, provided you follow Canada’s rules and regulations on business, make as much money as helps you sleep at night. But that endeavor is solely your own, past a few tax incentives and some financial assistance for newer, smaller businesses. We want Canada to have as free a market as is logically possible, and with lobbying power swaying the government, that is just not what you get. We hope even hardcore capitalists can understand this.

Aside from who we are contacting, in general we are very much in need of trusted supporters to help us get the word out there, primarily through social media and printed form. If you are interested please fill out a Volunteer form; at the top of the screen, you’ll see three little lines below our Party logo. Hover the mouse over that to show a menu. Hover the mouse over “Contribute” and then click on the “Volunteer” link that appears. Fill that out and send it to us telling us how you could assist us in those ways; those who enjoy social media can help keep our forms of social media up to date, and those who like some exercise can help us put up posters and hand out pamphlets across the country.

Furthermore we are looking into continuing to improve this website, and ensuring that our message and our goals reflect what is going to be putting Canada on track for its best possible future. The world continues to change day by day and we find that, once we are free from partisan thinking and so-called “politics”, we find a lot of problems not being addressed, and a ton of issues being created out of thin air to fill in the gaps. Pay attention to what is most important: our economy, our security, our culture and our people. Thank you.

February 11, 2017

Website Launch

Welcome to our new website! We are very pleased to finally release it after much delay, and officially proclaim our intent to enter Canadian politics!

We are the National Party of Canada, a prospective federal, Canadian political party that is in the midst of preparing candidates and campaigns for the 2019 Canadian federal election. Right now, it is clear that Canada is facing an identity crisis as the world moves towards a more globalist state, where national sovereignty and the free will of nations takes a back seat to the whims and wants of bureaucrats and elites. Our own current “leader” Justin Trudeau has declared Canada a "post-national state" with "no core identity," an immensely ignorant statement that boldly and disgustingly ignores 150 years of Canadian identity and culture that has developed since even before confederation in 1867. We find it alarming to say the least, and it is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of just how out-of-touch Mr. Trudeau is.

A massive number of Canadians' views and beliefs are not being represented by the policies and so-called leadership of the major federal parties, leaving a gap too huge for us to ignore. That’s why we are entering politics. We are going to unite all Canadians, and work towards a prosperous future for ourselves and our children, while continuing to strengthen our system of justice and our sense of equality. We believe Canadians want to legalize marijuana without changing the national anthem. We believe Canadians want to reject cultures of abuse without rejecting gay rights. We believe Canadians want to protect the environment without punishing their own natural resource market, and we believe Canadians want to foster and protect their own unique culture, without fostering intolerance of other cultures. We believe Canadians are a polite society of sensible people, who need not and would rather not subscribe to political parties like sports teams and defend their every move, and given the chance we believe Canadians will move away from partisan mudslinging towards solutions everyone can agree on.

So as we work towards registering with Elections Canada and finding like minded, passionate individuals to join our ranks, volunteer, or help support us in other ways, we hope that you will take a look at our platform, as well as our respective social media accounts, and let us know what you think about our policies, our ideas, and our opinions. We would love to have you join the National Party family, and share your unique perspective, and assist us in your own way. So thank you for taking the time to read this message and let's bring federal politics back to how it should be: for the people, and by the people.

It’s a long road ahead, Canadians; let’s get to work!