In a rapidly destabilising world, there’s no way of knowing when we’ll need to use our military on short notice, and if such a time comes when we will need to use our military to protect our sovereignty, we need to be sure that our military is up to par to be competitive with other militaries. We cannot rely on other countries for defense or for procurement to the extent that we do now.

We will increase military spending to at least 2% of our national GDP to match NATO’s demands of its members, while ensuring that this funding is being used as efficiently and effectively as possible; the new funding will be used primarily to increase the number of Canadian Forces personnel each year as well as to provide for up-to-date equipment that is sorely needed.

We will look into the option of self sufficient procurement wherever economically, infrastructurally, and innovatively feasible. This will boost the Canadian economy, reduce foreign expenditures, and break dependence on foreign countries. We will look to equip our military with domestically produced small arms as much as possible. We will also support Canadian military programs along the lines of the Avro program from the 1970s that put Canadian innovation and workers first. We will hold design competitions for naval ships, prioritising Canadian companies for contracts. We will also begin manufacturing our own military uniforms in Canada, using Canadian workers.

We will ensure that our veterans are getting the help they need to reintegrate into civilian life and to ensure that they get the best care possible. We will also provide more non-combat positions in our military for veterans who wish to continue service after their deployments, especially in National Defense, Customs and Border Patrol.