Law and Justice

We will uphold the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as the highest authority in Canada.

Convicts of the worst crimes will face harsher sentences with much more restrictive privileges, but we will provide more opportunity for rehabilitation for lesser crimes. We will also increase the amount of hard labour done by the worst of convicts to help pay for the cost of their incarceration, as incarceration is a heavy burden on the taxpayers of Canada. One example of labour would include prison farming, formerly a popular practise in the Kingston area.

We will review police activities nation-wide for judicial inconsistencies. We will also review the justice system for inequality, especially based on gender or race.

We will guarantee the protection of freedom of speech in Canada. While there are those who will always use freedom of speech to incite hatred, freedom of speech is the means by which we are able to improve ideologies and hold politicians accountable. The only possible exceptions to freedom of speech would be in instances where it is used to clearly, and seriously incite or threaten violence or death.

The National Party will uphold the idea behind bill C-24, in which dual citizens lose their Canadian citizenship if convicted of terrorism. By coming to this country, then committing an act of terrorism here, one demonstrates that they have no desire to be a part of this country, and thus do not deserve the privilege of remaining here.