International Relations

We will strengthen and improve our relationship with the United States. Having a superpower for a neighbour is a myriad of both blessings and curses, and we must ensure that our relationship with the USA is in our best interest while also mutually benefitting both sides.

We will improve relations with the Commonwealth countries, especially the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. We will focus on encouraging mutual respect, and mutual knowledge about our Commonwealth and its member countries.

We will start to lead instead of follow in international politics in areas where we have strength and insight. We need leaders who are not afraid to stand up and speak their mind and encourage action in the global communities.

We will pursue stronger relations with any member states willing to leave the European Union, as well as open up prospects for free trade. Those members that decide to leave, to pursue their own sovereignty, must be respected and we must extend a hand of friendship, as a country which also wants to pursue national sovereignty and bolster it worldwide.

Be more vocal about and stand up for our ideals and morals abroad, and offer support for oppressed peoples when it can be spared; while Canada does do this to some degree already, it will be important in the coming decades to lighten the grip that dictatorships have on foreign peoples, to promote peace and justice.