We will use existing railway where possible to set up an intercity LRT network wherever feasible, with the ultimate goal of a Canada wide network, to encourage and expand domestic tourism and easier access for citizens and visitors to many key areas around the country, especially areas with great prospects for expanded tourism.

We will improve the state of Canada’s north considerably, with work towards revitalizing communities surrounding Hudson’s Bay which have been all but abandoned, and the rest of the territories, where the cost of living has soared. Furthermore, we will work towards improving road systems, creating potential railroad support, making general improvements to increase self sufficiency, and job creation involving the local traditions and ways of life when possible.

We will invest in hydro and nuclear power, especially newly developed salt reactors, as the best options for energy generation. Neither system gives off any emissions, and neither system is intermittent, providing a green and reliable source of power. However, we will look into better ways to address nuclear safety concerns and also better ways to address spent fuel rods to guarantee the safety and environmental friendliness of nuclear power.