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June 10th, 2018

Doug Ford wins PC majority in Ontario

After 15 years of Liberal governance, Ontario has switched back to the Progressive Conservative party, led by well known Torontonian Doug Ford. Many factors led to the downfall of Wynne’s government, such as incompetent hydro leadership, morally questionable reforms such as Bills 28 and C18, and unsustainable levels of spending, tied in with Ford’s promise to privatise liquor sales under the motto “Dollar a beer”.

Doug Ford led the PCs to a commanding majority government. Southern Ontario fell almost entirely within PC hands except for urban centres. Kathleen Winne came within 180 votes of losing her seat in Toronto while all other major party leaders, including the Green Party, easily won their constituency’s votes.

Ontario, as the economic heart of Canada, plays an important role in leading the economy of the whole country, which is why it is so important for Doug Ford to get Ontario’s finances in order, rethink regulations, and overturn many Liberal era reforms that were threatening to make Ontario an unpleasant place to start a business or raise a family.

We at the National Party wish Doug Ford the best, and look forward to seeing much needed change in Ontario.

- Adam Roulston, Party Leader

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