Immigration and Asylum

We will reform the immigration system in order to clean up and sort out the bureaucracy and inconsistency of the current legal framework for accepting immigrants, temporary foreign workers and permanent residents. The current immigration system is a mess and has been left this way unaddressed for decades, with numerous half-hearted and unfinished attempts at reform.

We will also ensure that the immigration system is used in the best interest of the peoples of Canada, not merely as a tool to fill void in the labour force or by corporations to import cheap labour. We will ensure that immigrants are enthusiastic about becoming a part of Canadian society and becoming a proud Canadian citizen, and we will take extra precautions to ensure that those coming to Canada do not pose a threat to national security and the wellbeing of all Canadians young and old.

We will place needed limits on the out of control immigration system spending, providing budget caps to the immigration system, and aim to reduce funding to the immigration industry by at least 50% over four years. We will aim to reduce the amount of people entering Canada to 80,000 per year and possibly lower, depending on factors such as demographics, integration, and demand for skilled labour.

We will dissolve the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, as it is clearly broken by the many abuses private businesses make of the program as it is primarily used to import cheap labour and illegal immigrants. The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is almost universally abused and fixing it would be an inordinate undertaking. We believe that everyone coming into Canada should go through the proper immigration system and use of the permanent residence program and worker visa program will be recommended instead with careful review of both. Instead, we will look into reasonable alternatives for things such as necessity for seasonal labour.

We will amend the visa requirement changes for Mexican nationals passed by the Trudeau Government due to further risk of worker abuse as seen by the Temporary Foreign Worker Program: we will continue to permit visa free tourism for Mexican nationals, but continue to require visas for those coming for work or study.

We will assist in the construction of refugee camps in war-torn countries with our UN allies, and deliver aid and needed security to displaced and endangered individuals, such as ethnic Christians and minority groups in Syria and Iraq.

However, asylum will be given to those facing acute crises, and only those who are personally and individually at risk, and have nowhere else to go. An asylum term will last four years, and will require renewing. Asylum can be renewed indefinitely as long as there is no way to safely repatriate the refugee. An asylum term cannot be renewed if the refugee has been convicted of a criminal offense.