Look into the pros and cons of a new, more efficient health care system; specifically, the Party is interested in a split private / public funding system that among other things would pay for costly surgeries and medicines but give the bill for general checkups and other less costly services to patients. This would allow funding to be allotted to the worst and most costly of operations and treatments that the system does not yet pay for, and it will mean that those who do not have to visit the hospital frequently will be paying a more fairer share.

We will restructure government spending on healthcare infrastructure to focus more heavily on the essentials: hospital maintenance, equipment, doctors, nurses, and training, and less on office and administration costs. We will also focus on reforming management and organisation in hospitals to tackle complacency and mismanagement.

Enact the Healthy Living Initiative (HLI); the HLI is a program which will have a budget of no more than 5% of the total federal health budget, which has the purpose of promoting and subsidizing a healthy lifestyle for Canadians. The idea here is that healthy people don’t need costly healthcare systems.

We will look into the effects of Palliative care in reducing the demand for doctor assisted suicide.