We will work with the provinces and territories to enact minimum student to staff and administration ratios in publicly funded tertiary education in order to drive down the rising costs of tuition.

We will also prioritise, with the consent of the provinces, to offer places in university to Canadian citizens first and to raise tuition costs for foreign students.

We will offer more federal grants and scholarships for students entering and enrolled in the fields of engineering, economics, business administration, commerce, and science degrees in order to promote talent within Canada as well as to focus on keeping our rising talent in Canada.

Educational merits will be the primary deciding factor in government-funded scholarships, bursaries, and grants, however we will also offer financial opportunities to those who could not otherwise afford post secondary education.

We will work towards secondary school reform with provincial and territorial governments to teach more practical skills in high schools to lower reliance on post-secondary education for those who may not be able to afford it, or for those who have no interest in pursuing further education. Furthermore, we will work with provincial and territorial governments to implement optional courses grades 3-11 on Canadian history and culture, including Indigenous and Francophone culture and availability for courses in Indigenous languages. Additional funding will be provided by the federal government to help bring about this reform in order to ease the pressure on provincial and territorial budgets without taking away the provinces and territories roles in providing education to all Canadians.