We will immediately curtail frivolous government expenditures, and seek to pay off the national debt. The debt alone is a huge cause of deficit, as a large portion of our debt is simply interest payments on old debt repayments. Reducing the magnitude of our debt will free up huge funds simply by not having to take out as many loans.

We will pursue trade deals that will keep and even create Canadian jobs here at home. We will ensure that NAFTA renegotiations are in the best interest of the Canadian people, and promise all Canadians that we will never approve of any trade deal that will harm the affordability or quality of life of Canadians. Any future free trade deal will have to be a trade deal that is fair to Canadian workers and to the rights of workers from all affiliated countries including our own.

Undertake desperately needed large scale infrastructure projects to open up potential for new economic growth, in the process creating jobs and pumping more wealth into the economy. This would include contracting private businesses where possible to increase efficiency, drive down budget costs, and create private sector wealth and jobs.

We will also create stricter audit mandates for the Bank of Canada including an assurance that provincial and federal loans be available at a 0% interest rate; however there will be limits as to how much a province may take out.

We will use private contracts with Canadian companies to accomplish as many of our government undertakings as possible to breathe life into the Canadian private sector, and to drive down the cost and time needed for government projects.

We will create a third party watchdog to help keep the government accountable over spending and budget management