Culture and Identity

We will create a strong sense of national unity and national identity, one which all Canadians can feel included in and proud of. We will uphold all cultures within Canada, ensuring that all cultures are able to coexist, while maintaining our traditional Canadian heritage as the foundation of this country.

We will build cultural community centres to revitalise an interest in our past and our past traditions.

We will continue to allow foreign language signs, labels and other such wording that will be present to the public, but ensure that they are only a smaller part of something that is in English, French, or an Indigenous Canadian language. This falls in line with the need to place much greater importance on Canada’s traditional cultures.

We will establish a committee or even ministry for future planning, to assess the long term effects and consequences of what we are doing as a country, to seek to uphold Canadian integrity and prosperity for future generations.

We will promote higher birthrates, and support the Canadian family. We will make raising children more affordable by offering adequate social support to people with children, through the C.S.A.P (discussed later in the platform) and other programs.