The National Party of Canada


The National Party of Canada is a federal political party committed to unifying Canada, all of its many diverse peoples living in this vast country, and bringing back the idea of Confederation and what it stood for. To do this, we want to embolden and empower the culture of Canada, something we believe already exists in some form but is being ignored by our government in favor of “multiculturalism”. We need to rally behind a single cohesive identity, a strong “Canadianism” that will bring us together. We call this idea “cultural nationalism” and we strongly believe it is going to be the driver for the best possible future our country can possibly believe.

Beyond that, we’re a group of individuals who are tired of the same old politicians that continue to get into power every four years or so. The color of the party might change, but the color of the character seldom does. Men and women who are in the job of politics to make a lot of money, to gain or maintain power and status, and to ultimately exploit those they are supposed to be leading with the best of intentions. This won’t stop with anything short of bringing down the current “old boys” game and instilling a more fair, clean democracy, and that’s why we entered politics. That’s what we’re going to do. Furthermore, we seek to repair and then strengthen our international identity as a peacetime mediator and a dependable ally when unavoidable conflicts arise. We want Canada to aim as high as it can and we wish not only to repair our economy, but to make it one of the best and possibly one day make it the world’s greatest. And we cannot forget our veterans, our healthcare, the way we vote, how we treat one another, the state of our Indigenous peoples and the North, the importance of science and technology, democratic processes… there is so, so much that needs to be fixed, changed or bettered. But it won’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen unless we can have your support. So let’s get to work, Canada. It’s a long road ahead.

Why a New Party?

We believe that the desires of Canadians by and large are simply not represented by the major parties’ platforms, and we do not see change from within as being realistically effective long term. The Reform movement has done little to imbue the Conservative Party with any lasting progressive attitude, and neither has the movements within the LPC brought any meaningful changes to their policy or methods of operation; the Trudeau government of 2016 is not significantly distinct from the Trudeau government of 1971, and likewise the Harper years echoed the partisanship and the corporate favoritism of the Mulroney era. The major parties of today are set in their ways and view Parliament as their right rather than their duty to Canadians, and with the knowledge that the people have only really one choice or the other, they have allowed their platforms to become ever more extreme. The National Party believes that the majority of Canadians identify strongly with a few resonant issues represented by one side or the other, and grudgingly swallow many other undesirable policies that come with them. Rather than pushing an ideologically determined bundle of ideals, the National Party aims to meet the desires of Canadians in all parts of the country and on all political alignments, without indulging in the crony capitalism and the social engineering that too often accompany established parties.

In short, we believe Canadians want to legalize marijuana without changing the national anthem. We believe Canadians want to reject cultures of abuse without rejecting gay rights. We believe Canadians want to protect the environment without punishing their own natural resource market, and we believe Canadians want to foster and protect their culture, without fostering intolerance of other cultures. We believe Canadians are a polite society of sensible people, who need not and would rather not subscribe to political parties like sports teams and defend their every move, and given the chance we believe Canadians will move away from partisan mudslinging towards solutions everyone can agree on.

The world is changing, and Canada must change with it. We must move towards a more cohesive national determination, and we must rid ourselves of self serving politicians. Our debt is high because of their misconduct. Our society is torn because of their laziness in enacting proper policy to integrate newcomers. Our people are lost because our leaders don’t lead, and they’re hardly leaders at all. The time is now, Canada, to enter our century. Wilfred Laurier said that the 20th century would belong to us, but he ended up being wrong. It is the 21st that will belong to Canada, so let’s make it happen. Together.